Kia increases stock of spare parts to serve customers better

If there's something that irks vehicle owners when their car breaks down, it's the unavailability of spare parts. What's the use of buying a brand new car if there are no spare parts available? Other times, the arrival of the spare parts can take weeks, or months even.

Seeing this predicament, Kia Philippines has decided to take action to provide a better customer experience. The automaker recently announced that they have increased their inventory of spare parts. According to Rommel Ramos, Aftersales Director at Kia Philippines, they now have 10,000 part numbers available. Spare parts included in the inventory cover maintenance, mechanical, and collision parts.

Should there be spare parts that need to be shipped to the country, Kia said that it can be delivered within 7 days. This will be made possible thanks to Kia's new shipping partner, DHL. That means parts from either Korea or China can arrive in the Philippines in just one week.

Kia PH says spare parts will be available to customers in 7 days image

From improving the availability of spare parts, the company also said that all 300-plus service personnel will undergo retraining and recertification. These include both service technicians, as well as service advisors.

The retraining will include using a new remote diagnosing system that both Kia Philippines and Kia Korea can use to provide real-time expert advice. With it, the company says this will enable technicians to resolve any issues quicker.

To top it all off, Kia says that customers can expect a lower cost of ownership soon. This will be made possible thanks to a new mineral-based oil from Total. Kia claims that this reduces ownership costs by 40% and will be introduced sometime in Q1 of 2021.

By making spare parts available to customers, as well as reducing ownership costs, Kia says that this is their commitment to providing a better customer experience for all.