Will Kia launch the all-new Sorento and Carnival in PH soon?

Remember when AC Motors announced a few weeks ago they were going to launch a total of 6 cars this year? Kia Philippines, which is under AC Motors, has now announced that they will launch 2 models for 2021.

Manny Aligada, president of Kia Philippines, confirmed it yesterday during an online roundtable meeting with the media. Aligada said that for 2021, they plan on launching at least 2 cars in the country, with 2 additional models currently in consideration.

The president did not say what exact models the company will be launching this year. However, he did mention that the two cars will be aspirational vehicles that will complement Kia's current lineup in the country.

Kia PH targets triple digit growth 2021, launch 2 new models image

What could the first 2 vehicles be? Our best guess is that these will be the all-new Sorento and the next-generation Carnival. Both the current Sorento and Carnival sold here in the country are long overdue to be replaced. In addition, the new crossover is already being built in Korea, while the fourth-generation minivan is already available in Thailand since November of last year.

As for the 2 additional models that Kia could launch in the country, they might bring in the second-generation Mohave, and the refreshed Picanto. With the Telluride not coming to the country, the Mohave might serve as the brand's flagship 7-seater SUV. Meanwhile, the Picanto is also due for an update.

Kia PH targets triple digit growth 2021, launch 2 new models image

Kia plans to achieve triple-digit growth this year, along with plans to double its market share. With the launch of these upcoming models, the automaker might just achieve its target goals. Last year, the most popular model Kia sold was the Soluto. It accounted for 38.8% of the company's overall sales with 827 units sold. Meanwhile, the second and third most popular models sold by Kia are the K2500 (17.4% with 370 units sold), and the Stonic (16.2% with 345 units sold).

Kia PH targets triple digit growth 2021, launch 2 new models image

Unfortunately, their goal to bounce back after 2020's dip in sales could hit a snag due to the DTI's safeguard measures that will put added tariffs on imported cars. The company projects that the safeguard measures could result in a slow sales recovery this 2021.