Since the mid-2010s, Kia has been drawing up some pretty stylish or radical-looking designs for their production cars. If you take at the current lineup, you could say that most of Kia's present offerings look good, to say the least.

As the decade winds down, automakers are looking forward to the next ten years not just in the field of tech, but also in design. Kia is one of many car companies excited to show off what they have in store for the 2020s by teasing the all-new 2021 Optima.

Kia previews their future with the 2021 Optima image

It's mostly a shadowy silhouette for now but we see a dramatically different design from the already rather handsome current model. Appearing more like a fastback than a sedan, the 2021 Optima's redesign looks nothing short of dramatic. From what we can see, the car is a lot more coupe-like with its sleek outlines and details. Also, that bulbous hood gives the impression of having a lot of road presence.

Making the 2021 Optima look even sharper is its front end. Again, it's largely shadowy but we can see the recessed 'Tiger Nose' grille with shark-like teeth. As for the rear, it has full-width taillights that wouldn't look out of place in a luxury sedan. Plus, we get a better view of that sleek rear end. 

Kia previews their future with the 2021 Optima image

Aside from the exterior, Kia also previewed the interior. Much like the new skin, the cabin looks nothing like the soon to be outgoing model. For instance, it has a wraparound cockpit design whereas the current version has a more upright, formal design. Wide displays are abound too with a digital instrument cluster and instrument cluster. It even has what appears to be an electro-mechanical gear selector, much like the ones you'd find in high-end luxury cars these days.

So while the Optima wasn't exactly a huge seller here, taking a look at the new one is significant. What we see here is what future Kia models will possibly look and feel like in 2020 and beyond. Perhaps we'll see a wild-looking Kia Rio in a couple of years.