It looks like Kia is looking to build another small crossover for the ever-booming segment. As the company is getting ready to enter the Indian market, Kia recently released teaser images of an upcoming crossover concept that was purposely-developed for the Indian market.

It's called the SP Concept and is set to make its world debut at this year's New Delhi Motor Show on February 7, 2018. According to the automaker, the SP Concept features a bold and stylish design that blends sophisticated looks, high-tech features and practical functionality in a small crossover.

Kia SP Concept

Based on the teaser images, the SP Concept features an evolutionary redesign of the brand's iconic 'tiger-nose' grill. It is larger and wider and appears to be integrated with the concept's sleek LED headlights. A sloped roofline, along with muscular wheel arches and large five-spoke alloy wheels give the SP Concept a sporty look when viewed from the side.

Finally, a pair of eye-catching LED taillights, tailgate-mounted spoiler and a large rear bumper give the SP Concept a futuristic and modern look.

Han-Woo Park, president of Kia Motors Corporation, stated that they are extremely proud to take their first steps into one of the world's largest automotive markets.

Kia SP Concept

“We are here to build more than just great cars. We aim to set a new standard in the Indian auto industry by providing consumers with world-class products and services, while engaging with and giving back to the local community,” said Park.

If the concept goes into production, it will most likely go up against the likes of the Hyundai Creta, Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano as such.