As the famous saying goes, when it rains it pours. During last night's sudden downpour, a lot of us were caught unprepared after it flooded several low-lying roads, as well as major thoroughfares. From Espana Boulevard, Araneta Avenue, Banawe, and even parts of EDSA, the deluge left commuters stranded and some cars submerged in flood water.

But if there's one place that should've been safe from flooding besides elevated parking spaces and high-rise buildings, it's elevated roads / flyovers. Standing several feet tall above the surface, these roads rarely experience flooding...unless their drainage systems have been compromised.

Knee-deep waters flood EDSA-Ayala Flyover due to blocked drainage image

That is exactly what happened last night along the northbound lane of the Ayala Flyover. That's right; from Ayala Avenue going to EDSA, the elevated roadway was submerged in flood water. So how did this happen? According to MMDA Traffic Boss Edison 'Bong' Nebrija, the drainage pipes where the water was supposed to go to were apparently covered by asphalt overlay. With nowhere else to go, the rain water collected on top of the flyover and resulted in a flood.

There's also a video posted by MMDA Spokesperson Celina Pialogo where a MMDA traffic constable showed how high the flood was during last night's rains. Despite the knee-deep waters, the traffic constable mentioned that several motorcycle riders braved the high waters in order to get to EDSA.

As the rainy season draws nearer, last night's heavy thunderstorm was perhaps a warning to all that flooding may become a daily occurrence if we do not prepare ourselves. And as for the mishap along EDSA-Ayala Flyover, let's hope the MMDA and other government agencies find a way to fix that drainage problem in order to avoid future flooding.