If there is one thing Koenigsegg knows, it is how to build fast cars.

Back in 2017, the Swedish hypercar builder set a new world record by going from 0-400-0 km/h in just 33.29 seconds using an Agera RS; smashing the Bugatti Chiron's time of 41.96 seconds. Fast forward to September 2019 and it seems they are at it again.

Koenigsegg has managed to beat their own 0-400-0 km/h record using a Regera by doing it in just 31.49 seconds and driven by factory driver Sonny Persson. No prototype models here either as the Regera used is fully homologated for production with all luxury fittings and seats in place.

Now, if you're someone who likes looking at the numbers, Koenigsegg has laid it all out for you. From a standstill, it took the Regera only 22.87 seconds to get from 0 to 400 km/h. Meanwhile, it took only 8.62 seconds for it to go from 400 km/h back to a standstill.

Despite the Regera having a twin-turbo V8 paired with three electric motors, getting to 400km/h is no easy task. Do remember that the car only has a single gear thanks to its unique Direct Drive Transmission. However, the much harder task is stopping the hypercar going 400km/h in just 8.62 seconds.

Koenigsegg has beaten its own 0-400-0 km/h world record image

“What is really impressive is how incredible the Regera brakes – 8.62 seconds from 400 km/h to 0 km/h is just unheard of. It is a testament to the Regera’s balance, suspension, aerodynamics and of course its in-house design and built Koenigsegg brake calipers. The proven numbers now show the greatness of the Regera. Having said that, we know we can improve these already impressive numbers on a track with better conditions,” said CEO and Founder Christian von Koenigsegg.

If ever Koenigsegg wants to claim the title of the fastest production car, they would have to beat Bugatti's 490.48 km/h run in the Chiron Super Sport. We're curious to see whether or not their latest model, the Jesko, could possibly do so.