Back in 2011, Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg introduced their successor to the CCX: the Agera.

After numerous one-offs and special editions seven years later, the Agera has now completed its official production run. Before officially bowing out however, Koenigsegg has revealed the final two Agera models, and named them after popular movie characters.

The two models make up the Final Edition series Agera, both of which have been named Thor and Vader. Both cars are based off the Agera RS which gave it all the optional goodies of the previous Agera models at no added cost. To make these vehicles more special, Koenigsegg also added unique aerodynamic parts to Thor and Vader, in order to help distinguish them from one another and from the standard Agera models.

Beginning with Thor, this Agera Final Edition is finished in a two-tone clear carbon with diamond flakes. It gets a large rear wing similar to that of the Agera RS but is fitted with a central fin similar to Formula 1 cars and Le Mans prototype racers to improve high speed stability. The rest of the body is fitted with the active aerodynamic bits fitted on other Koenigsegg models.

Koenigsegg builds final two Agera models, named Thor And Väder

Compared to its sibling Thor, Vader has a more subtle aero package. It is finished in clear carbon with diamond flakes and white-gold highlights to add contrast. At the rear, there are two small winglets and unique cutouts which show the skeleton support of the active rear wing.

Both models come with a enhanced front winglets, and larger front and rear spoilers. Under the hood, the Final Edition models come with the 1MW (megawatt) engine upgrade. The 5.0-liter biturbo V8 now produces 1,360 PS and 1,371 Nm of torque. For reference, an Agera RS with the same power output managed to break a handful of land speed record last year.

Koenigsegg builds final two Agera models, named Thor And Väder

While the Agera model line will be bowing out, Koenigsegg is still producing the Regera. A replacement to the Agera is expected to debut next year, likely at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.