The L300 out sold the Mirage, Xpander, and Strada

Some of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation's (MMPC) best-selling models as of late include the Mirage/Mirage G4 and the Xpander. But for September, one vehicle surprisingly out-sold both of them. What's more interesting is that it isn't even the newest model in the lineup; it's the oldest. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation's (MMPC) best-selling model for September 2021 is none other than the L300.

MMPC manage to sell a total of 2,918 vehicles in September 2021. The L300 accounted for over 1/3 of sales with 1,038 units sold. According to the automaker, the L300 managed to secure a 158% sales increase for the month of September and topped its previous month's performance by 636 units.

Mitsubishi L300 was the best selling model in September image

Behind the L300 is the Xpander with 630 units sold, a 153% sales growth versus the previous month. The MPV is followed by the Mirage and Mirage G4 with a total of 470 units, and the Strada after with 455 units. Lastly, the Montero Sport sold 325 units. Overall, MMPC generated a 107% sales increase achievement for the month of September.

“We are very thankful for the strong September sales that we were able to achieve. We appreciate the continuous support that we secure from our customers. MMPC would like to commend its dealer network for the solid performance and strong partnership that they provide. We aim to sustain the momentum towards the end of the year,” said Takeshi Hara, president and CEO of MMPC.

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