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LA 2016: Elio reveals E1c three-wheeler concept


Elio hints at future production model with E1c three-wheeler concept

The start-up vehicle manufacturer, Elio Motors has announced its plan of creating a three-wheeler vehicle b y introducing the E1c concept at the 2016 Los Angeles (LA) Auto Show.

The manufacturer said that the E1c engineering vehicle is a significant step forward as Elio Motors progresses from the prototype to production phase. While retaining the same exterior as the previous Elio prototypes, the E1c engineering vehicle features foundational and structural improvements to the frame, suspension, and safety systems.

"The soft tooling phase is crucial to our long-term success, as we progress from hand-built prototypes to more refined vehicles built with production tooling. The E1c features 80-percent production level components and systems and represents a monumental leap forward," said Jeff Johnston, Elio Motors' Vice President of Engineering.


The brand's engineering team specifically made a unibody frame for the E1c. This allows better absorption of energy and greater safety tuning of the vehicle. Aside from this, it will also improve the production vehicle's fit and finish and will manufacturability.

The revamped suspension, on the other hand, sharpens handling and improves aerodynamics, providing long-term vehicle durability and reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

In addition, the E1c concept is the first Elio Motors vehicle that features airbags, with two roof-rail side-curtain airbags and a driver airbag in the steering wheel.

"The E1c represents our continued progress along our long-term plan to bring low-cost, highly fuel efficient transportation to the market," said Elio Motors' founder and CEO Paul Elio.

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