On a normal day, you wouldn’t think that a luxury car manufacturer as appointed and prestigious as Lexus would have anything to do with the famed household hot sauce. As much as Sriracha is indeed a savory sauce suited for most dishes, it’s not like anybody would want it all over their car… or would they?

The Lexus IS Sriracha's rear quarter

Enter the Lexus Sriracha IS, what appears to be a playful spin to the launch of the new Lexus IS is actually an exercise of intricrate use of cues, details, and even the sauce itself on Lexus’ new platform. A one-off custom job by West Coast Customs (yes, those folks from Pimp My Ride), fans of the hot sauce have plenty to appreciate with the Sriracha IS.

From its Sriracha Red paintjob (the actual sauce was mixed in with the paint), to its trunk filled with 43 bottles of sauce for emergency situations, and even to the keyfob sauce dispenser, the Sriracha IS has plenty of design cues that will tickle the fancy of the avid hot sauce enthusiast.

The Sriracha mode on the one-off Lexus IS

The interior of the Sriracha IS is just as quirky as its exterior. The car comes with a steering wheel injected with Sriracha sauce inside. Given you may burn your hands driving the thing, a pair of Lexus Sriracha IS driving mitts will be provided standard as well.

The heated seats mode courtesy of Sriracha on the Lexus IS

Should you wish to replicate the heat-inducing properties of Sriracha in your vehicle, the climate control switch panels replicate an oven’s while your heated seat switches are now in red and have fire warning markings.

A trunk full of Sriracha hot sauce bottles

Would you drive around in a sauce-laden Lexus? Perhaps Lexus may well be looking into a niche market with this one-off vehicle.