Car manufacturers area always eager to release new and concept crossovers every motor show. That's the case for Toyota after they pulled the covers off of the new FT-AC concept. The Japanese automaker says the concept is aimed towards those with an active lifestyle, particularly 'outdoor enthusiasts'.

FT-AC means Future Toyota Active Concept. In terms of size, it is bigger than a RAV4 but smaller than a Highlander/Lexus RX. At the front is a bold and aggressive fascia with slim upswept headlights, an upside down hexagonal grill and skid plates. LED lights are found on each bumper corner with angular, well-defined edges. It also incorporates a clamshell hood design, making the front end appear taller.


LA 2017: Toyota FT-AC concept may preview future crossover

The fenders and quarter panels feature 'floating' fender flares, complementing the black and silver cladding surrounding the entire lower half of the crossover. Also, both the front windshield and the rear tailgate have steeply raked angles, giving the crossover some sporting flair. Together with the slim tail lights, there is also an integrated tailgate spoiler, much like most crossovers of its size. One notable feature of the FT-AC is the retractable bike rack, which extends from the rear bumper if needed and tucks in flush into the panel if not in use.

LA 2017: Toyota FT-AC concept may preview future crossover

Toyota isn't saying if the FT-AC will reach production. However, given the design elements present on the concept, it is possible that some of the style cues, or even some of the features, might make its way to other Toyota crossovers. So far, none of the current crop of crossovers from the brand incorporate the details seen in the concept. The Japanese automaker was also quiet in regards to its powertrain but they did say that it is a hybrid with a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system.