Russian carmaker, Lada, has been turning heads at the recent Moscow Motor Show with its latest concept, the 4x4 Vision. The bold and muscular SUV serves as a preview of the future design direction for the brand.

For those unfamiliar, Ladas are manufactured by AvtoVAZ, a company owned by the French Groupe Renault. Lada is best known for its affordable and utilitarian SUV, the Niva or Vaz-2121, now simply called, 4x4. The model was first introduced in 1977 and is still being offered for sale, largely unchanged to this day.

Lada 4x4 Vision

It might finally have an all-new replacement if this concept gets the greenlight for production.

The 4X4 Vision carries the current Lada design language, characterized by X-style design features seen on the current Vesta sedan and X-Ray SUV, of which are an X-shaped front grille, X-shaped LED headlights and X-shaped character lines on the vehicles’ side. The five-door concept cleverly disguises the rear doors, which open suicide style. It rolls on 21-inch wheels.

Lada 4x4 Vision

Inside, it features a grey interior with bright orange accents and aluminum trim. Its integrated infotainment system sits on the center of the dashboard along with a dual-zone climate control, a digital instrument cluster, and a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel. Other interior amenities include ambient lighting, and a panoramic glass roof.

Lada 4x4 Vision

The chief designer of the concept, Steve Mattin, envisioned it as the ultimate off-road vehicle and a vision of Lada’s future.

Lada is the most popular car brand in Russia, with a 19.4% share of the domestic market. Russian President Vladimir Putin is, in fact, a proud owner of a Lada Niva. Nonetheless, Lada plans to increase its local market share to 20% as well as boost exports. The 4x4 Vision is part of Lada’s plan to renew its range, now that it is part of Group Renault, with eight new models and nine facelifts planned by 2026.