The future of Lada design has been revealed after the automaker arrived at this year's Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS) with the XCode Concept. Lada claimed that their all-new concept demonstrates the possible development of a new model lineup and design theme based on the X-Style.

To date, Lada has used the X-style design philosophy on production versions of the Vesta and XRay models. Compared to the XRay however, the XCode has a more aggressive look.

Rear quarter of the Lada XCode concept

Immediately apparent on the XCode is the distinct front fascia that is dominated by a large grill, fender-wrapping headlights and large air intakes. Also seen on the XCode are the sloped roofline, C-shaped taillights, short overhangs and two-tone alloy wheels.

Apart from that, the new concept also has various technologies like a turbocharged engine, all-wheel drive (AWD) and a telematic platform called Lada Connect. With this, it will allows users to operate the vehicle systems through a smart phone. And in the future, they are planning the use of cloud services while inside the vehicle.

There is no word yet if there will be a production version of the XCode.

The Lada Vesta Cross Concept

Beside the XCode, Lada also displayed a wide array of Cross and Sport concepts of the Vesta and XRay. The first of which were the Vesta and XRay Cross Concepts.

The two cars get special body cladding to protect the paint during off-road. Both even have larger wheels for better ground clearance.

The Lada XRay Cross Concept

Next were the Vesta and XRay Sport concepts. As the name implies, both concepts emphasize on better road handling capabilities and more power.

The Lada Vesta Sport Concept

Starting with the Vesta, it has a race-inspired exterior and interior, along with a race-tuned suspension derived from WTCC race cars.

The Lada XRay Sport concept

As for the XRay, it also gets the racing style aesthetics but gets a beefier engine. Lada tuned the 1.8-liter motor to produce between 145 – 150 PS, eclipsing the stock 122 PS output. Rounding it all off is the lowered ride height.