It seems a few V-Class and Vito customers won't be getting their vehicles on time.

A disgruntled former employee at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vitoria, Spain reportedly went on a wrecking spree at the factory, destroying over 50 vans in the process.

His rage towards the company must have been intense since all of the damage was made using a bulldozer that he stole nearly 21 kilometers away. He then drove it to the plant, ramming the front gate to enter the facility. Once inside the factory grounds, he then went on a rampage wrecking numerous V-Class, Vitos, and EQV vehicles.

Ex-Mercedes employee goes on rampage with bulldozer image

Fortunately there were no injuries reported during the destruction as only maintenance and security crew were on site at the time. According to Perodismo Del Motor, a Spanish outlet, the damage is estimated to be worth more than EUR 2 million (PHP 118 million). However, the figures could have been higher.

The 38-year old perpetrator worked at the plant for several years before being laid off and clearly his tenure didn't end on good terms. His ultimate goal was supposedly to gain access to the robotic assembly line. If he and his stolen bulldozer had smashed the assembly line, chances are the factory would have been closed for repairs. 

The factory in Spain also supplies customers around the world with V-Class vans and the many derivatives. Yes, including the Philippine market model. 

Ex-Mercedes employee goes on rampage with bulldozer image

Police have since arrested the ex-employee, and he is expected to be charged with multiple crimes. Apart from destroying the vans, he also damaged two industrial shovels, a parked car, and construction materials. His journey to the factory also caused damage to public roads.

So if you're not happy with getting laid off, we advise talking to friends, talking to family, or even seeing a therapist. Unless you want to be arrested, don't start up the nearest bulldoze to vent that anger.