Ever since its introduction six years ago, Lamborghini’s flagship supercar, the Aventador, has recently hit an important production number. Beginning with the older model, 7,000 units have already been assembled. The 7,000th unit will be an Aventador S Roadster finished in Grigio Adamas silver metallic and will be heading to the United States.

Apart from their V12 powered supercar, the Huracan has also reached a production milestone as well, giving Lamborghini more reason to celebrate. Since the V10 supercar began production three years ago, the Huracan has already reached 9,000 units assembled, and could continue on to be Lamborghini’s most produced model. The 9,000th Huracan is painted in Blue Nethuns and will be delivered to its owner in Dubai.

Given how fast production of the Huracan appears to be, it could soon become Lamborghini’s most produced model ever, a title currently held by the Gallardo. To do so, the Huracan would have to surpass the 14,000 units produced by its predecessor during its 11-year model life. 

The Huracan currently appears to be Lamborghini’s best selling model, hitting 9,000 units of production in less than five months after celebrating their 8,000th unit. With the Urus soon to be revealed as well, it is likely to further increase sales of the Italian manufacture and possibly even account for half of their sales; helping Lamborghini achieve their overall goal of increasing annual sales.