Lamborghini has been hard at work on the production lines. Though they aren’t rolling out their high-performance cars, they have been helping in the fight against the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the Raging Bull has partnered with Siare Engineering International Group; not to build cars, but to help co-engineer and build respirators. These machines are of utmost importance for the patients of the coronavirus, and their work will undoubtedly be invaluable.

Lambo ventilators PR image

To start, breathing simulators are being built. These simulators help in carrying out an initial evaluation of a ventilator’s performance before reaching its final checking stage. This is when the ventilator itself undergoes a comprehensive test using certified equipment.

In the past two weeks, Lamborghini has been using 3D printing technology to design, produce, and validate the breathing apparatuses. In this time, they have been able to optimize its components that will allow them to produce 18 breathing simulators per week.

This latest move towards the production of medical equipment comes after Lamborghini has begun repurposing its Sant’Agata manufacturing plant machinery. From surgical masks to plexiglass medical shields, Lamborghini has been rather active in the fight against the pandemic.

Lambo ventilators PR image

Currently, the production line can make 1,000 masks per day, all donated to a hospital in Bologna. They are made by hand by artisans from Lamborghini’s saddlery, the same place where the interior pieces and other customized touches of every Lamborghini come from. As for the face shields, they are made alongside the breathing simulators, and both are produced using a highly-precise HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 printer with MJF technology.

Everyone has been deeply affected by this pandemic, and truly it is amazing to see all industries coming together to combat this illness. With all these efforts combined, we can hope that this worldwide trial ends faster than a Lambo crossing the finish line.