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Lamborghini celebrates 50 years in Japan with special Aventador S


Limited Lamborghini Aventador S gets element-inspired details in Land of The Rising Sun

Following its recent reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster now has a limited-run version for the Japanese market. Dubbed the ‘Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan’, the special drop-top version of the Aventador will only come in a very limited run of 5 units.

When we say five, technically each version of the already limited roadster is bespoke as each car represents the five natural elements that are part of Japanese culture: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Sky. Lamborghini’s Ad Personam department as well as Centro Stile were in charge of making each roadster unique in its own way.


Shown here is the Water version of the Aventador Roaster, this being the first to be made among the five. Revealed recently at the Lamborghini Concours d’Élégance in Tokyo, the 50th Anniversary model took center stage among 50 other iconic Fighting Bulls such as the Miura, Countach, and Diablo.

As for details, each Aventador S Roadster 50th Anniversary Japan takes roughly 170 hours worth of work by ten specialists to achieve the right finish for its paint. For this water version, the interior is flanked with Nero Ade Leather as well as Nero Cosmus Black alcantara surfaces for proper contrast to the body. To complete the stitching, roughly 100 hours worth of work went into the interior to achieve perfect gradiation and shading that matches the body.

Carbon fiber is also generously used for its hardtop as well as several accents in the interior including a hexagonal plate with the symbol for water etched in Japanese.

Japan is an important market for the italian marque considering it is their second-biggest seller. That said, limited-run models such as this Aventador Roadster are but a fitting gift to their market.

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