Lamborghini has been collaborating with both students and proffessors of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on future car technologies for a little over a year. Now, the two have revealed the fruit of their collaboration in the form of the Terzo Millennio concept. Literally meaning 'Third Millenium', the future vision of a hypercar is as wild as it appears.

Starting off with the most significant information on the concept, the Terzo Millennio is now fully electric, foregoing Lamborghini's iconic V12 engine. Furthermore instead of batteries, the concept will use 'supercapacitors', which are capable of delivering peak power at any time and recover kinetic engery more efficiently.

Lamborghini debuts fully electric, 'self-healing' Terzo Millennio concept

Though the concept of supercapacitors may still be vague, power will be sent to all four-wheels with a four-motor setup at each wheel instead of the motors being mountend on the body. This setup allows for better torque vectoring capabalities and keep the powertrain as low as possible. Lamborghini also says putting the motors in the wheels allow 'freedom for designers and aerodynamicists.'

Going over it's exterior, the Terzo Millennio still looks like any Lamborghini despite having futuristic styling. This is due to it being designed by the Italian supercar maker's in-house design team. Furthermore, the body is also being developed to store electricity through the vehicle's futuristic carbon fiber structure. To keep the weight down, the monocoque is built using Lamborghini's Forged Composite technology.

Lamborghini debuts fully electric, 'self-healing' Terzo Millennio concept

One of the more interesting bits about the concept is that the carbon fiber can heal itself should there be any cracks or damages from an accident. The 'self-healing' is done by detecting cracks and damages in the carbon structure, which once detected is repaired by 'heal chemistries' in the body.

Though the Terzo Millenio is very much a concept, the technology such as the supercapacitors are something that we might see in the future as Lamborghini and MIT are currently developing them.