Ask any person what they think of when the name 'Lamborghini' comes to mind and they will instantly draw up images of a long, low-slung, V12, mid-engined wedge of a car. It has since been this configuration that the Italian automaker from San'tagata has built its reputation upon, and as of 2011, the Aventador was the model that would carry this flagship impression.

Fast forward nine years and the Aventador celebrates an important milestone to add to its already impressive resume: 10,000 units sold.

The Aventador built upon the outgoing Murcielago with a host of improvements such as a monocoque chassis and its crowning 6.5-liter V12 pushing 700 PS. Since its release, there have been countless updates and more development to keep the Aventador as aggressive and eye-catching as a proper Lamborghini should be, and it all culminates in their latest track-oriented model: The Aventador SVJ. Obviously, it is this model that the 10,000th Aventador would be based upon.

The SuperVeloce Jota is the sum of all the motorsports experience of Lamborghini into one potent track weapon. It comes equipped with the ALA (Aerodinamica Lam Attiva) active aero system to propel the SVJ to a blistering 6 minutes 44 seconds lap time around the Nurburgring Nordschliefe. The 10,000th Aventador SVJ is painted in Grigio (Grey) with red and black accents and will be making its way to its owner in Thailand.

Considering that Lamborghini first started making the Aventador nine years ago, the fact that that they were able to make 10,000 examples of the supercar is a feat of in itself. Combined with their recent achievement of making the 10,000th Urus just two months ago, and it looks like Lamborghini will continue making raging bulls for the world to enjoy.