PGA Cars further extended their automotive repertoire with the grand opening of the Lamborghini Manila dealership at Bonifacio Global City.

The grand event was graced by none other than Stephan Winkelmann, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. President and CEO, as his brand now joins the other luxury marques distributed by Robert Coyiuto, Jr. and his PGA Cars group. Currently, PGA holds the dealership network for Porsche and Audi in the Philippines.

A brand steeped in “competition”

Lamborghini is a proud brand founded in unlikely competition, as tractor tycoon Ferrucio Lamborghini was dissatisfied with his Ferrari and was equally miffed by the response of Enzo Ferrari himself. Ferrucio subsequently began Automobili Lamborghini in 1963, and has been Ferrari's prime rival for super sports cars with models like the Miura, Urraco, Countach, Espada and Diablo; all named after famous fighting bulls.

Coyiuto, Jr. and Winkelmann

Modern Lamborghinis

Today, Automobili Lamborghini manufacturers two models: the 700-hp V12-powered Aventador (initially released in 2011) and the V10-powered Gallardo (initially released in 2004). Currently, the Aventador is offered as the LP700 (for 700 horsepower) and the Gallardo as either the LP560-4 or LP570-4 Superleggera (570hp, super light). There are many other variants of the Gallardo including limited editions. Also, Lamborghini has recently unveiled the Urus SUV at Beijing last month, marking a return to super SUVs since the LM002 over 2 decades ago.

Lamborghini Showroom

The perfect partner

Winkelmann stressed the great partnership they had found with PGA Automobile, citing their strong background in the luxury sector. For sales volume, the brand is targeting 15-20 units per year, a figure that, by many indications, they will meet or perhaps even surpass this year.

Lamborghini Manila executives also said that owners of current Lamborghinis can have their cars serviced at their dealership to ensure only the best in trained automotive service.