Lamborghini takes customers to 8th Esperienza Neve

Esperienza Neve is Italian for ‘Snow Experience,’ and is exactly what Lamborghini customers went through in the Alps during the eighth edition of the automaker’s winter test drive.

Lambo Ice image

Guests stayed at the gorgeous Livigno ski resort and test-drove a range of Lamborghinis with rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive layouts under the supervision of factory driver Leonardo Pulcini and Super Trofeo drivers. The models included Huracán EVO, Huracán STO, and for the first time, the Huracán Tecnica and the Urus Performante.

Lambo Ice image

The conditions were nothing short of spectacular. Temperatures went down to as low as -18°C, which allows drives to drift these colorful vehicles against the backdrop of the location’s snowy mountains.

Lamborghini’s 8th Esperienza Neve is an exclusive program for customers to experience the potential and capabilities of their super sports car through a fun drive and a series of exercises on low-grip surfaces that are all done without compromising each participant’s safety.

Lambo Ice image

Not all Lamborghini owners live in tropical countries, which is why, aside from the Esperienza Neve, the marque also has the Esperienza China Giro. It is a driving event held in the deserts of China to highlight its torque vectoring capabilities.

These events remind potential buyers that when they purchase a Lamborghini, they are getting a supercar and all the experiences that come along with it.