Nobody was really taking the Lamborghini SUV images that surfaced over the internet and some magazines seriously until Lamborghini started sending invitation to the launch of its SUV concept vehicle at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. From the moment that the invitations were sent out, the excitement started to build up until the day that Lamborghini officialy unveiled its SUV concept vehicle labeled as “Urus”.

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Lamborghini is completely redefining dynamics and design in the SUV segment with the Urus concept car. The Urus boasts of a 440 kW/600 hp engine coupled with a lightweight design making it emit the least amount of C02 among other vehicle in its class. The Urus combines unique design, a fascinating interior and an outstanding performance with versatility and everyday usability.

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The Lamborghini Urus expands the brand’s customer base enormously - appealing to families and to the drivers of Lamborghini sports cars. Target markets are primarily the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, the Middle East and China. The annual production volume could conceivably be around 3,000 vehicles.


“The Urus is a very concrete idea for the future of Lamborghini – as a third model line and as the perfect complement to our super sports cars,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “SUVs stand for freedom and emotion. SUVs make up one of the most successful market segments worldwide. The Urus is the most extreme interpretation of the SUV idea; it is the Lamborghini of the SUVs.”