Lamborghini is set to reveal its most powerful V12-powered bull to date. Called the SCV12, the House of The Raging Bull described it as a track-only hypercar that will serve as the most powerful, naturally-aspirated twelve-cylinder Lamborghini has ever created.

It is set to make its world debut soon, but in the meantime, the automaker released several teaser photos of the SCV12 along with some key detail. Looking at the car itself, and it's clear that this V12-powered beast has some serious aerodynamic work done on its exterior.


From its massive rear wing at the back, the distinct design of the hood that helps channel air towards the roof air intake, as well as the front splitter and aggressive side sills, Lamborghini has ensured that the SCV12 has better aerodynamics and downforce than a GT3 race car.

Besides its sleek shape, it also has an upgraded chassis that is entirely made out of lightweight carbon fiber. This aids the car by delivering a better power-to-weight ratio, as well as provide sharper handling around race tracks. Complementing the chassis is a push-rod rear suspension and a six-speed sequential gearbox that also serves as a structural element within the chassis.


As for the V12 itself, Lamborghini is still mum regarding its exact details. But the automaker said that it is capable of exceeding 830 PS, eclipsing the factory figures of the rest of the current Lamborghini stable.

Should one be able to get their own Lamborghini SCV12, they'll be glad to know that they're going to be part of an exclusive club that will partake in some advanced driving programs at some of the world's most prestigious circuits. With help from those that actually build the cars themselves, Squadra Corse, Lamborghini is confident the SCV12 will present the V12's pinnacle in performance for years to come.


Only several examples of the Lamborghini SCV12 will be made, which means that it will be one of the rarest Lamborghini V12s in existence.