After more than three decades of production of the original Defender 90/110, Land Rover will soon be revealing the next-generation model. While most are eagerly waiting for the new Defender to make its official debut, Land Rover has found a way to keep the older model up and running in tip-top shape.

Land Rover has recently released upgrade kits tailored for the Defender 90/110 built from 1994 onwards. There are numerous upgrades available such as a set of 18-inch Sawtooth wheels, performance tires, suspension bits, and even engine upgrades. 

Land Rover wants to upgrade your old Defender image

To start, there are the 18-inch Sawtooth wheels which cost £432 (Php 26,800) per piece. That said, a full set of five including the spare will set you back £2,160 (Php 134,000). Do remember that these don't come with tires just yet. To match the new wheels, a suspension upgrade kit can also be fitted to Defenders built from 2007 onwards.

Land Rover wants to upgrade your old Defender image

Remember the Defender Works V8? Well, you can now order the same upgrades from it as well. Called the Defender Handling Upgrade Kit, it includes Works V8 specification brake disc, pads, and calipers on top of the Sawtooth alloy wheels and enhanced suspension. Unfortunately, no V8 is included.

For Defenders equipped with the 2.2-liter diesel unit and built from 2012 onwards, Land Rover Classic can give your rugged rig a power upgrade in form of the Defender Classic Works Upgrade Kit. Specifically, the upgrade delivers an additional 40 PS, bumping power output to a total of 162 PS and 463 Nm of torque. Top speed has also increased to 171 km/h.

Land Rover wants to upgrade your old Defender image

On top of the power upgrade, the Classic Works kit also includes all the available wheels, tires brakes, and suspension upgrades as well as bespoke badging. Customers will also receive an owner's certificate and a tour of the Land Rover’s Classic Works facility in the UK or in Germany where the upgrades are carried out.

While the Classic Works kit is the most complete upgrade available, it is also the most expensive kit offered by Land Rover priced at £17,000 (Php 1,054,000).