For those residing in Las Pinas or Alabang, the traffic along the stretch of Alabang-Zapote Road is all too familiar.

Getting from one end to the other can easily take hours due to the high volume of traffic that passes through the four-lane stretch of national road. Aside from the number of private vehicles, PUJs, one of the causes of traffic in the area are tricycles. However, with the removal of tricycles and e-bikes along the main highway, residents and motorists who frequent Alabang-Zapote should see a slight improvement in traffic flow along the heavily congested road.

The Las Pinas Traffic Management Office recently posted a reminder that all tricycles and e-bikes are not allowed to pass through the Alabang-Zapote Road. The reminder is inline with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG)'s recently released Memorandum Circular 2020 – 036 which bans tricycles, pedicabs, and motorized pedicabs from plying national highways.

Las Pinas LGU: trikes, e-bikes not allowed on Alabang-Zapote Road image

Tricycles and e-bikes have been banned along Alabang-Zapote for quite some time already. However, to this day, you will still see a few tricycles plying through the national highway in order to get around the area. The new MC, which part of the DILG's new Road Clearing Operations, will hopefully remove all the tricycles and e-bikes that pass through Alabang-Zapote Road.

Under the same MC, the DILG urges cities and municipalities to create a tricycle task force, separate from the tricycle regulatory board. The task force would then formulate and review tricycle routes all over the city.

The DILG warned Local Government Units (LGUs) that do not follow the new MC will be warranted with a show-cause order. Failure to provide a sufficient response shall then grounds for the filing of the appropriate administrative cases pursuant to Section 60 of the Local Government Code and other laws and policies.

The issues of tricycles not allowed on national highways have been around for years now. Hopefully, with the new DILG MC in place, major roads like Alabang-Zapote will be rid of them already.