Rep. Jeci Lapus (3rd District, Tarlac) filed House Bill 5931 to include "identity-transfer" in the prohibited and punishable acts to amend Republic Act No. 6539, which he said contains loopholes that carnappers conveniently utilize to further carry out their criminal activities and cause the proliferation of carnapping and sale of carnapped vehicles in the market.

"There is no law prohibiting the use, revival, and re-registration of the chassis number, engine number, and plate number of a motor vehicle, legally declared a total wreck by insurance companies and law enforcement agencies, into another body or unit of the vehicle of the same class, model or classification, usually a carnapped vehicle in the market," Lapus pointed out.

As a result, Lapus said, law enforcement agencies lose their determination and dedication in their pursuit against carnappers because of the difficulty of proving the act of carnapping in the wake of the mentioned instances.

HB 5931 defines "identity-transfer" as an act of transferring the engine number, chassis number, body tag number, plate number, and any other identifying marks of a motor vehicle declared as a "total wreck" or beyond economic repair by concerned car insurance companies and or law enforcement agencies, and register the same into another factory made body of the vehicle or unit, of the same classification, type, make or model.