If you thought that the implementation of Republic Act 10586 was going to be as lax as all the other driving-related laws and regulations, think again.

The use of the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) breath alcohol analyzers or ‘breathalyzers’ was off to a rousing start on March 12, 2015 after nailing its first ‘driving under the influence’ or DUI delinquent.

Lawyer Michael Angelo Ventura III was caught driving under the influence of alcohol along Timog Avenue in Quezon City around 11:30PM.

According to the LTO, Ventura was driving a black sedan when he was flagged down for ‘reckless driving’ and after going through the breathalyzer test yielded a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.121% which is higher than the allowable 0.05% for private motorists.

Inquest proceedings were done on Ventura the very next day at the Quezon City prosecutor’s office.