After a long line of facelifts, the latest set of leaked photos show a fully view of the new 2016 Toyota Hilux. With the production version snapped before its imminent release it is safe to say this is what will grace the local showrooms in the near future.

Based on various reports, the 2016 Hilux will be all-new from the frame up and features a fresher look which resembles the U.S market Tacoma. Reports also say that there will be a new range of diesel engines. There will be two 2.4 liter turbodiesels in different states of tune, one with 150 PS and the other with 167 PS. A bigger 2.8 liter turbodiesel will come in as well and is estimate to put out 177 PS. There is currently no word on what transmissions will be offered.

The front and rear end of the supposedly 2016 Toyota Hilux

As previously mentioned, the new Hilux draws inspiration from the Tacoma and features a wider two bar grill, wraparound headlights which, in this case, have LED daytime running lights and a clamshell hood. Also new is the flared wheel arches which are integrated in the sheetmetal rather than the bolted on fender flares of the current model.

For the interior, the dash appears to be more carlike and hosts a large center touchscreen and also gets a new steering wheel.

The interior of the supposedly 2016 Toyota Hilux

With the new model now being built, its public debut will be in the near future. Current estimates for the new Hilux's arrival in the Philippines will by Q4 of this year.

Source: Terranismo

Reliable sources have also indicated that the local debut of the 2016 Toyota Hilux is slated sometime in June this year.