There are less than 24 hours to go before the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show (actually, we're in Japan's capital now) but it seems the leaks keep on coming for Honda and the new generation Fit hatchback, otherwise known as the Jazz.

Just a few days ago, the first image of the Jazz surfaced on what appears to be the primer for the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show itself judging by images of other cars in the background like the Subaru Levorg Prototype, among others. But our friends over at have come across something more interesting than mere looks: they found what looks like brochures for Honda's new hatchback, revealing something really unusual about the new model.

Leaked: 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit to have crossover-ish variant image

If these leaked brochures really are 100% legitimate (we're about 99% sure they are), then Honda will be launching the new Fit in five distinct trim packages, and one looks like a quasi-crossover.

The first major trim line is called the Fit Basic, and its the same one that we showed in a previous story, finished in a light blue. The Fit Basic has the simplified look with the color keyed grill garnish, color keyed handles, and probably the smallest wheels of the range. The model, based on my very limited Japanese, is geared towards more mundane duties like being a rent-a-car variant.

Leaked: 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit to have crossover-ish variant image

The second version is the Fit Ness (get it?) which is the sportier model. The Fit Ness in the image comes in silver, but has some unique neon or lime green contrasts like the one piece accent that starts from the A-pillar to the D-pillar. The interior also reflects this same color combination. Again, based on my limited Japanese, they intended this model to have a lifestyle image tailored for the fashionable and sporty types.

The third model is the Fit Luxe, which they intended to be the deluxe model. The Luxe has the more dignified look with some chrome accents like the door mirrors and unique 16-inch two-tone wheels. The color itself is more mature; the one in the brochure is brown, and likewise has a predominantly tan/terra cotta interior. The text also says that the Luxe has a 2-motor hybrid system.

Leaked: 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit to have crossover-ish variant image

Perhaps the most interesting model is the Fit Crosstar which, as the name and images imply, is a crossover-type model. The Crosstar has a different bumper compared to the rest, with a different grille and different openings on the lower bumper. The body is two-toned as all the pillars and the roof are blacked out, creating a rather unique look compared to the other models.

As expected for a crossover-type vehicle, the lower extremities of the Crosstar have black cladding for that SUV look, though we can't confirm whether the actual ride height of the vehicle is taller. The side view does imply that there could be some extra height but that could just be the cladding providing the illusion of extra height, but we'll confirm tomorrow when Honda officially reveals the vehicles.

Leaked: 2020 Honda Jazz/Fit to have crossover-ish variant image

There might actually be a fifth version called the Fit Home based on the images, but we're not entirely sure of it yet. It looks more like the Basic, but there aren't clear enough images of it nor is the text big enough to read properly. 

The Fit/Jazz is expected to have two powertrain options: a 3-cylinder 1.0-liter turbo VTEC engine that makes 120 PS and 200 Nm of torque, as well as a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder dual-motor hybrid system. The Honda Fit/Jazz will debut tomorrow morning, and you can bet we'll be there to bring it to you as soon as we can write it.