It was back in November of last year when we first saw the 2021 Ford Bronco. It wasn't exactly in production form, but at least we got to see it as a rally raid racer.

All-new 2021 Ford Bronco gets leaked all over the web image

Now, just after a few months showing what the production car might look like, someone managed to leak several photos of the supposed Bronco and its little brother simply dubbed 'Bronco Sport', and it really reminds us of the new generation Land Rover Defender. 

Scheduled to make its public debut in April, the purported 2021 Ford Bronco (and Bronco Sport) can now be seen in all its glory. The bigger Bronco was posted on Twitter by username 'Bronco6G'. Based on the pictures, it looks like the 4x4 SUV gets a retro-style design reminiscent of the Land Rover Defender. It will supposedly be available either in three-door or five-door body styles, much like its main rival, the Jeep Wrangler.

It gets a bold front grill that shows the 'Bronco' name and is paired with a distinct set of LED headlights. Chunky off-road tires, two-tone paint finish, off-road style alloy wheels, and flared wheel arches further give the Bronco a mean and aggressive look.

Your first look at what may be the 2020 Ford Bronco...Sport image

The Bronco Sport, meanwhile, was posted at by a member that goes by the name 'Scotty'. He claims that he does not work at Ford, and these were only sent to him. The Sport also has a boxy and rugged appearance, similar to the Bronco. Heaps of black body cladding surround the SUV, along with a two-tone paint finish.

Perhaps one of its most distinct features is its unmistakable front end which shows the huge 'Bronco' lettering against a large front grill. The grill is flanked by a pair of what appear to be LED headlights. Other neat features present on the Bronco Sport are the large alloy wheels, huge back glass, and huge taillights.

Your first look at what may be the 2020 Ford Bronco...Sport image

Supposedly based off of the Escape, the Bronco Sport appears to be similar in size to a compact crossover. With it, the Bronco Sport could compete against the likes of the Jeep Compass or even the Cherokee.

Looking at the two vehicles as a whole, it looks like Ford borrowed some inspiration from Land Rover. For those not in the know, Ford used to own Land Rover from 2006 up until 2008. Ford could have used an unused sketch in order to design both the Bronco, as well as the Bronco Sport.

No details regarding its powertrain were revealed. However, we won't be surprised if the 2021 Bronco gets an EcoBoost V6 to get it going over rough terrain. As for the Bronco Sport, given that it is based on the Escape, we won't be surprised if it will come with EcoBoost engines as well. Specifically, it might have the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo which produces 250 PS with 373 Nm of torque.

All-new 2021 Ford Bronco gets leaked all over the web image

With its scheduled debut set this coming April, perhaps the Bronco Sport and its bigger brother will both be revealed at the same time. Let's hope that will indeed be the case.