About four months ago, our spies were able to take photos of the all-new Jimny being tested on public roads. Draped in heavy camouflage, we have yet to see the final design of the new 4x4 but it's safe to say that it does not veer away from its iconic boxy shape and appears to have a retro-inspired look.

Now, leaked images of what appear to be the new-generation Jimny have surfaced on the internet and it looks like the 4x4 does keep its boxy profile, albeit sporting a slightly different exterior design.

Leaked: Are you the next-generation Suzuki Jimny?

Uploaded by Twitter user 'hunfooli', the purported 4x4 appears to have been photographed at an undisclosed Suzuki factory. It comes with circular headlights along with a black front grill. Also present are what appear to be a black front bumper and a more rakish windshield. This somewhat confirms with our previous spy photos that Suzuki is indeed trying to make the new Jimny more aerodynamic.

Other details about the vehicle remain a mystery but we do get to see that the 2019 Jimny features a slightly different rear fascia. While it's clear that it will still have a rear-mounted spare tire, it's overall design appears to be simpler and more rugged than before. Also, the upcoming 4x4 appears to be slightly larger than the current model. This could mean that the new Jimny may get better interior and luggage space.

Like the current Jimny, the all-new model will still use a body-on-frame construction with a ladder-frame chassis. DualJet motors are expected to be available for the Jimny though no exact engine displacements have been given.

Expect the all-new Suzuki Jimny to make its world debut some time in 2018.