Following the official reveal of the next generation Ford Everest, now it seems it's the 2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak's turn to take the limelight following the release of these first images of the new truck from an unknown photographer.

These undisguised and unofficial images from Thailand are the first to emerge showing the redesign; clearly the new Ranger Wildtrak has adopted a modified version of the next-gen Everest's look. received confirmation from a contact inside Ford's R&D, and the vehicle you see here is P375-ICa, otherwise known to us as the 2015 Ranger Wildtrak.

Our source also confirmed the location of the photos, and it appears the spy shots were taken at Auto Alliance Thailand, Ford's major regional manufacturing hub and the only facility in the world that has assembled these pre-production Rangers. This model you see here is one of only five examples running around Thailand for final testing, says our insider.

The current generation Ford Ranger T6 was originally launched in 2011 with the standard look followed by Wildtrak variants soon after. This facelift comes 4 years after the 2011 launch, just in time to renew the Ranger's design and upgrade the features to go head to head with the younger competition.

Compared to the current production Ranger Wildtrak, the facelifted version gets a new front end and a new grille that shares its hexagonal structure and basic design with the Everest, though it's painted gloss gray instead of chrome. The headlights have also been changed and seem to be identical to those on the upcoming Everest. Ford has also redesigned the lower bumper with the hexagonal theme.

The wheel design is also new, along with the side stepboards; current Wildtraks have a step tube. Not much has changed with the details, as this Wildtrak appears to have the same plastic bed overrider/accessory and roof rails, though it seems the antenna can now be folded.

We expect an altered version of the upcoming Everest's dashboard, though we cannot confirm what additional features will be available on the production. We do expect the updated Ranger to have the Ford SYNC2 infotainment system, as the previous models had the pre-SYNC Bluetooth with Voice Control (BVC) system.

What do you think of this updated Ford Ranger Wildtrak?

Below are some more photos of the updated Ford Ranger Wildtrak running on Thai roads via

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