Wagon version of the BMW i5 has been leaked on Instagram

Yesterday, BMW teased the upcoming i5 Touring, an all-electric wagon version of the 8th generation 5 Series. This means that not only will the all-new 5 Series will be available as an electric sedan, but it will also be offered as a fully electric touring wagon.

We have yet to see the i5 Touring in full as BMW only gave us a glimpse yesterday via Instagram. But not long after the automaker posted the teaser video online, someone else on the social media app shared several images of what appeared to be the all-electric wagon.

That's right, this is the all-new BMW i5 Touring before you're supposed to see it. Posted by Instagram user wilocoblok, we get an early look at the curvaceous rear of the electric 5 Series wagon. It's painted in a unique shade of green and appears to have been snapped in a photoshoot.

LEAKED: Here's the BMW i5 Touring EV in all its glory image

Compared to the sedan, the wagon body style of the i5 is bolder and features a revised bumper design. The LED taillights have also been tweaked as they have a more pronounced wraparound look compared to the ones found on the sedan. We can also see that the Hoffmeister kink has been carried over to the Touring version. However, we cannot tell yet whether the back glass can be opened without having to also open the tailgate.

When it comes to powertrain options, we won't be surprised if the i5 Touring will have similar levels of output as the i5 Sedan. Last but not least, we might also see the regular 5 Series Touring get the same engine choices as the sedan version.

With BMW yet to officially launch the Touring variant of the all-new 5 Series, we may have to wait for several more weeks (or months) before its debut. Unless of course, BMW decides to reveal it early since someone already spoiled their surprise.