The Japanese version of the Toyota Corolla Cross gets a different look

Remember when we found pictures of what we believed is the JDM version of the Corolla Cross? While the rest of the world (including the Philippines) were able to get their hands on the Corolla Cross as early as last year, the Japanese market will only be receiving it this month.

Rumored to make its Japan debut next week, the crossover will supposedly have a slightly different look compared to the ones sold in ASEAN. Previously, we managed to take a good look at the JDM Corolla Cross when it was being transported via car carrier.

Today, however, new photos of the supposed JDM Corolla Cross have surfaced on the web.

Leaked: JDM Toyota Corolla Cross gets a sleek new face image

Thanks to an Instagram post, we were able to get a better look at the said crossover. If the pictures are to be believed, the JDM version comes with a different front fascia that consists of a sportier front bumper, a huge mesh-type lower air intake, and what appear to be full-LED headlights.

But what is perhaps the most noticeable change is the grille itself. Instead of having a traditional design with a Toyota badge, the Japan-spec version adopts a closed-off grille accompanied by the signature 'C' logo of the Japan-spec Corolla.

Leaked: JDM Toyota Corolla Cross gets a sleek new face image

Aside from the revised front end, Toyota also fit a different set of wheels for the JDM Corolla Cross. Unlike the twin-spoke design seen locally, the ones over in Japan appear to be based on the 18-inch alloys found on the Modellista Corolla Cross revealed for Thailand. Meanwhile, changes to the crossover's rear appear to be minimal; the only apparent revision is a new silver trim on the rear bumper.

Given that the Corolla logo at the front appears to have a blue glow, the Corolla Cross seen here is likely a hybrid. Should that be the case, it might have the similar 1.8-liter hybrid powertrain found in PH-spec units. For reference, it has a combined system output of 121 PS with 142 Nm of torque and is coupled to a CVT.

Leaked: JDM Toyota Corolla Cross gets a sleek new face image

With Japan getting seemingly getting a differently-styled Corolla Cross, does this mean they're the only market to get such a look? We hope Toyota makes the JDM look available outside of Japan. 

What do you think of the JDM Corolla Cross? Does it look better than the ones we get from Thailand? Share your comments.