Earlier this week, Daimler released teaser images of the upcoming Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept. The idea behind the concept would be to incorporate the a luxury sedan into an SUV. Now, it appears as though photos of the luxo-barge have surfaced ahead of its debut at Auto China 2018, giving us a first glimpse of the Maybach-branded SUV.

If the photos are to be believed, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept looks more like a sedan on stilts than a full-fledged SUV. The only visual design cues of it being a SUV would be the tall roof, large wheels, and generous ground clearance provided by the raised suspension.

Leaked: Maybach's SUV concept looks like a high-riding sedan

Styling wise, its most prominent feature would be the huge grill, which uses the same design as the facelifted Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. It is then flanked by slim LED headlights, styled similar to the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 cabriolet. At the rear, there is no tailgate like most tradtional SUVs would have. Instead, one is met with a trunk and a retro-styled split window design. Curiously, even the sunroof sports a split window design, likely to match that of the rear window.

Leaked: Maybach's SUV concept looks like a high-riding sedan

Inside, it takes design cues similar to the current-generation S-Class. Up front, there is only a large dual-screen digital display flanked by air vents. The center console then houses all the buttons, giving the dash a cleaner look, and runs the length of the SUV's interior. Two rear occupants can then enjoy the comfort and have some tea as well.

Leaked: Maybach's SUV concept looks like a high-riding sedan

According to Autocar UK, the Maybach SUV concept will be fully electric. Power will supposedly be delivered by four electric motors which produce a combined output of 738 PS. A 80-kWh battery pack will be installed to power the car, and give it a range of 500 km.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury is slated to premiere on April 25. More details are expected to be released once the concept makes its official debut in Beijing.

Source: CarNewsChina.com