First, there were reports, then spy shots and, after that, the leaked patent photo. But now it seems that the all-new Nissan X-Trail has been leaked out way ahead of its official debut as photos of Nissan's next-generation crossover appears to have surfaced on Instagram.

It's not just some blurred spy photo either. The images that have appeared on Instagram look like press photos and it's not just the exterior that was shown either. There are even pictures of its interior as well.

This is the 2021 Nissan X-Trail before you

If these are, indeed, leaked official photos, then the exterior design lines up with the patent drawing that surfaced just a few weeks ago. There's the second-generarion Juke-like headlight treatment with its high-set LED daytime running lights and bumper-mounted headlights. It also has the wide 'V-motion' grill which is now a common sight in new Nissan introduced within the past two years. Even the shape of the windows are much like the patent from a few weeks back.

There's a hint of the Kicks over at the back with its tail lights. The main difference here is that the ones on the X-Trail are much wider. Also present are creases and lines on the tailgate, along with a wide license plate holder, likely for long European-style registration tags. It does say Rogue on the garnish, which is the X-Trail's name in North America.

This is the 2021 Nissan X-Trail before you

Inside, it's a big leap from the current model. Its dash has a wide, sweeping look with the now popular floating infotainment screen design. Also present are slim air-conditioning vents and a driver-oriented center stack. The steering wheel on the other hand takes some cues from classic steering wheels with its three-spoke look and large horn pad. One can also see the digital instrument cluster but that might be reserved for the top-spec variants. Nissan also put in an electro-mechanical gear selector in the X-Trail.

Engine options for the next-generation X-Trail remain a mystery for now. There is a possibility that it might simply carry over the current engines but those have been around for more than a decade now. Nissan could take the downsized and turbocharged route many automakers are doing these days. Given the Japanese automaker's commitment to electrification, it might even gain an e-Power version or a standard hybrid.