Remember the unnamed Daihatsu crossover we saw at the Tokyo Motor Show? We called it a RAV4 junior of sorts and it looked like it could be a competitor for the Ford EcoSport, Suzuki Vitara, or Nissan Juke. We also mentioned that, since Daihatsu is owned by Toyota, we're likely to see a Toyota version of the said crossover.

Should Toyota bring the Raize to the Philippines? image

Unlike the Daihatsu (which some already call the Rocky), the Toyota already has a name. It's dubbed the Raize, and it slots below the RAV4 in the Toyota crossover family. The boxy, upright subcompact crossover is slated to be a more affordable alternative to the funky, radically styled CH-R in its home market of Japan.

With that in mind, there are two possibilities for the Raize. It could either be a Japan-only model or be sold in Asia where entry-level crossovers thrive. At less than four meters long, it's actually shorter than the Rush, which does put its feasibility on South East Asian markets into question. With seven seaters in demand, the five-seat Raize could be released in limited markets around the continent. Of course, we're not closing the door on the possibility that we might actually get it here.

Should Toyota bring the Raize to the Philippines? image

The Raize is set to be launched in Japan by next week, November 5. A leaked Twitter photo shows that there are seven styles to choose from. First is thee standard model which you see above, along with the Powerful Style, Sporty Style, and Premium Style. TRD and Modellista also had a go tweaking its looks with with one kit from the previous and two from the latter.

On to the car itself and it looks like exterior differences are largely down to the bumpers, badges, and grill. There are no interior photos for the Raize just yet, but we're expecting it to look the same as the Daihatsu. Engines will also be likely the same as the Daihatsu, possibly the 1.0-liter engine with 98 PS and 140 Nm of torque.