It has been more than a month of being stuck inside our homes, which probably means we are running out of things to do. Porsche, however, wants to help keep ourselves busy during the quarantine.

After releasing a masterclass to help sharpen our creative skills in car photography and sketching, the Stuttgart-based brand has released another masterclass, this time on car detailing. With the help of Richard Tripper, car detailer turned influencer, Porsche shares some tips to help enthusiasts detail their cars and have fun while doing it.

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First and foremost, how do we safely wash a car? Tripper says that one has to make sure that the car being washed is out of direct sunlight and is far away from trees to avoid any kind of debris rubbing against the car. Use a 'snow foam' or pre-rinse agent to clean the dirt and grime off a car. They're easier to apply with a pressure washer although Tripper did say that there are alternatives that will work with a standard water hose too.

Next, one will need a good wash mitt, preferably made from microfiber or synthetic lambswool so it is as soft as it gets. Tripper also mentioned avoiding using squeegees as even the cleanest one will have some leftover dirt which can cause paint scratches.

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Tripper recommends using a two-bucket method when rinsing the car. Why? According to him, it eliminates as much grit as possible from damaging the bodywork. “Dip your mitt into the one with soapy water, lather over the car, then rinse the mitt in the bucket filled with plain water. Back into the soapy bucket, back onto the car and repeat. This eliminates as much grit as possible,” said Tripper.

Once you're done hosing the car down, it's time to grab your microfiber towel. Instead of just dragging the towel along the car, it's better to let it soak some of the liquid first before gently dragging it off. For the ultimate finish, one can use an automotive dryer which will get water out of tight crevices like hinges and gas filler caps.

Besides washing the car itself, a good cleaning of the wheels is also needed. Before anything, invest in some good wheel brushes that are made out of microfiber, not bristles. Also, choose one with plastic handles instead of metal to help prevent scratching. Next, you'll need a deionizing decon gel to clean the wheels thoroughly.

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Tripper doesn't recommend using acidic wheel cleaners as these can damage the surface of the disc hub. After you're done applying the cleaning agent, it's best to give the gel some 'dwelling time' for it to work its way to all the nooks and crannies before using the wheel brushes. When it's time to rinse the wheels, don't blast the wheels with a pressure washer. Instead, a gentle rinse will do.

Last but not least is polishing. While some of you might already be eager to polish your car right away, Tripper recommends using a clay bar first to ensure the car is free from leftover dirt and grime. Spray some clay bar lubricant onto a small area of the car and then gently rub the clay bar itself in straight lines over the same area. Once you're finished with one section, fold the clay bar so you have a fresh clean surface to work with.

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When using an all-in-one cream polish, you'll need to take a piece of sponge wrapped in the microfiber cloth and put four pea-sized drops of polish onto the pad. Start in the center of the panel and polish in straight lines - you’ll know you’re using the correct amount of polish if you can barely see it once you’ve rubbed it on. Also, check the label to see just how long you should leave the polish on to dry.

Afterward, take another microfiber cloth and begin removing the polish. Fold the cloth into quarters instead of scrunching it to lightly rub the polish off until the cloth glides seamlessly over the paint. Avoid applying polish over plastics, glass, rubber seals, and matte carbon fiber as the polish will turn them white. One can polish over gloss carbon fiber, though.

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Aside from properly cleaning the car itself, Porsche also has some tips in detailing the engine, as well as how to make an Alcantara steering wheel look brand new again. You can follow the masterclass in full detail here. With the Enhanced Community Quarantine just extended, perhaps Porsche's latest guide will help you clean and detail your car better.

You have the time to do it anyway, right?