Odds are, you’re probably stuck at home and bored as hell, like many others, due to government lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Ever wished you were better at taking car photos or sketching cars?

Porsche Masterclass wants to teach you car photography image

Porsche has just released a series of masterclasses to help sharpen your creative skills during this quarantine. Now would be a good time to learn. Might as well make the most out of it don't you think?

"The aim has been to create a series of guides that will enable enthusiasts to polish their skills in several disciplines, including car photography, design, detailing, art – and even driving," says Porsche.

Take better photos of your car

Unsure about how to start taking photos of your car while it's parked in the garage?

Richard Pardon, the official photographer for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, gives various advice on how to start shooting cars from the basics such as equipment and editing applications, right down to the details. The British photographer has taken photos of cars that have graced various magazines and websites around the world.

Porsche Masterclass wants to teach you car photography image

The first and possibly the most important advice he gives is that you don’t need expensive equipment. If you’re starting, he suggests using a phone camera. Phone cameras have come a long way from when they were first introduced. It’s also less hassle of having to switch lens, bodies and going through shooting modes. With a phone, you’re essentially ready to capture anytime. It may not be billboard or photoshoot levels, but Pardon says it's good enough for social media.

Aside from the minimal equipment, Pardon also suggested several mobile apps that can help with editing photos on the fly. Specifically, he uses the Lightroom mobile app as it offers various adjustments in detail. But, he also recommends VSCO for adding filters and Unfold to layout his Instagram stories.

Porsche Masterclass wants to teach you car photography image

While Pardon does cover the basics such as using a phone to take photos and mobile editing apps, he also goes into the more technical side of photography. He goes into detail about shutter speed, light, composition, and making use of the whole day – all of which are essential in photography.

“I’ll be sharing more tips from the topics here over the course of this week on Newsroom’s Instagram feed and I encourage you to share any images you take with the hashtag #GetCreativeWithPorsche. I’ll give feedback where I can. In the meantime, have fun, experiment and get creative. Just because we are currently on lockdown, doesn’t mean we can’t show the world how we see it,” says Pardon.

You can follow the masterclass series in detail here. If you have space in the garage, you can practice taking photos from there. At least once quarantine ends, you could take better photos of your car or be a better car spotter.