Last June 2019, General Motors (GM) was supposedly interested in bringing back the Hummer brand. The thing is, they have a new vision for the brand and it's not about making gargarutan gas-guzzling SUV. Instead, the auto giant apparently wants to revive the (in)famous SUV as a fully-electric vehicle (EV).

Fast forward to present day, and it looks like GM has indeed made progress for the supposed EV Hummer. Not only that, they will have some help from none other than NBA superstar LeBron James.

GM to relaunch Hummer as EV...with help from LeBron James image

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, GM will sell the electric Hummers under the GMC brand and dealerships. This means that the Hummer might sit alongside the likes of the Yukon, Sierra, and Canyon to name a few. GM is looking to sell the electric Hummers come 2022, but not before making a huge campaign to get everyone's attention.

That is where LeBron James comes in as the the three-time NBA champion will supposedly star in a commercial alongside the probably-soon-to-return Hummer. No exact details were revealed regarding the ad although it will reportedly be shown during the 2020 NFL Superbowl this coming February.

As for the electric Hummer itself, there is still no word as to what exactly powers the big SUV. We won't be surprised, however, if the new EV Hummer will share its platform with other current GM (or GMC) vehicles on offer today. Perhaps GM might also get help from Kriesel Electric, an Austrian-based company who specializes in modifying existing SUVs into electric vehicles, though that is highly unlikely.

GM to relaunch Hummer as EV...with help from LeBron James image

With Tesla, Ford, and Rivian already having plans to launch purely electric pick-up trucks and SUVs in the near future, GM's plan to bring back the Hummer as a zero emissions vehicle could be their ticket in boosting their EV presence. Let's just hope that the electric Hummers will have better range than their gas-guzzling counterparts.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Practical Motoring