Tokyo Auto Salon is, and has always been about styling and tuning. Over the course of mid-January every year hundreds of shops and builders across Japan fill the twelve halls of the Makuhari Messe to showcase their products and their vehicles of choice.

More recently there has been a constance presence of over-the-top tuning options towards Italian exotica, and the shops that specialize in these usually take over the ninth hall of the show. During the egress of this year’s show however, attendees that decided to stay a bit later were met with more action than they bargained to see.

Judging from this 10-minute clip from Effspot, a car culture vlogger on Youtube, it appears the folks from Boom Craft simultaneously started – and proceeded to rev – all the Lamborghinis they had in their booth while waiting for their turn to leave. Boom Craft, led by Shinichi Morohoshi, is infamously known for their flashy LED lights and generally loud behavior out on the streets.

This behavior of the crew appears to have carried over to the TAS show floor as they continued to rev their vehicles within the hall despite the requests of organizers to turn down the volume. From what we can infer, this appears to be Boom Craft’s way of demonstrating their latest Star Dropper exhaust system for the Lamborghini Aventador, with one of the kits even being fitted to a blue Aventador SVJ – talk about shock and awe.

Since the organizers were helpless with trying to stop Boom Craft’s guys, another more prominent figure in the scene stepped in to take matters into his own hands: Liberty Walk’s Wataru Kato. The LB guys mobbed towards the Boom Craft area and proceeded to get into a scuff with the folks who were excessively revving their vehicles.

LED Lambo crew, Liberty Walk get into scuff at Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 image

In the video you will see the normally jolly Kato clearly frustrated and displeased with Boom Craft’s behavior, and is even slightly involved with the small brawl. Most of Effspot’s video was then blocked off by a member of LB’s crew, perhaps to try and censor the embarrassing activity.

Towards the end of the video you will see Kato talk it out with Morohoshi behind the Boom Craft booth. The two supposedly have a history of collaboration and appear to roll in the same circles otherwise. Hopefully these two groups hash things out properly so everyone can continue to enjoy their work.