NLEX says new LED posts enhance surface illumination by 25%

It's not fun to drive fast in the dark. OK, maybe some of you enjoy it, but it's really not safe, especially on the highway or on the expressway. Thankfully, that's something the North Luzon Expressway is working on.

NLEX Corporation has just announced that they have completed a major upgrade of the light system between Balagtas in Bulacan and San Fernando City in Pampanga. That means for the 33 kilometer expressway stretch (thereabouts) between those two locations, motorists can experience better visibility when driving at night.

The company says they upgraded the existing light-emitting diode or LED units on the road with newer LEDs. NLEX says they had to upgrade over 1,300 roadway lights for those 33 kilometers.

LED the way: 33-km NLEX stretch just got lit up image

The completion of the project means a significant improvement in lux; the amount of light visible on the surface. Before, the LEDs were able to illuminate the road by 16 lux, but the new bulbs mean the illumination on the surface is at 20 lux. That's an improvement of 25%.

NLEX says the upgrade is part of their drive to improve motorist safety and enhance customer experience. Given how dark it is at some parts of the expressway, we couldn't agree more.

We expect that the process was accelerated by the fact that the NCR (and NCR+) are both under an enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), meaning far less motorists are plying the road and the expressways. So once the transmission has been brought under control and quarantine measures are eased, many motorists will be able to drive more safely on the NLEX.

Now if they can only do the same for the EasyTrip system...