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Lego James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 features a working ejector seat


It seems that Q also fitted the Lego DB5 with gadgets

For quite some time, we've known that Lego is working on something from Ian Flemming's James Bond series. Earlier this month, we found out that the model in question would be none other than Agent 007's famous Aston Martin DB5 courtesy of a teaser photo. Now, the covers are finally off, and the toy maker has revealed Lego James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 Lego. What's more it also comes with the same features as the movie car.

Officially called the Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston Martin DB5, the box comes with 1,295 pieces which are need to be assembled. After assembly – which could take awhile – it will give you an accurate representation of 007's iconic DB5. Given that this is a Bond car, albeit in Lego form, it seems as though Q has also fitted it with gadgets that 007 may need.


Much like the movie car, the Lego DB5 comes equipped with revolving number plates, hidden machine guns, tire shredders and a rear-window bullet shield. And yes, if you're wondering, it does come with a fully working ejector seat.

Apart from the gadgets, the Lego DB5 also goes into the details to make it look superb. Open the hood, you'll find the Aston Martin's inline-six engine. Inside, the dashboard is also detailed and includes gauges and James Bond's concealed computer completed with a telephone in the door. The wheel is styled identical to that of the DB5 along with the Aston Martin logo to make it as faithful to the 1:1 scale model. Unfortunately, no Lego James Bond comes with the DB5.

The Lego kit will go on sale beginning August 1 and will retail for USD 149.99 (Php 8,029). Let's just hope the prices don't go up too much once it lands in the country since, after asking the official Lego retailers in Metro Manila, the Lego Technic Buggati Chiron will cost around Php 47,000 compared to its listed price of USD 350 (Php 18,736) elsewhere.

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