LEGO reiterates the pinnacle of sturdy design with a brick

After about a week following the reveal of the polygon-like electric pick-up by Elon Musk, the internet is still awash with the quirkiness that is the Tesla Cybertruck. Donned in what appears to be a brushed metal finish and obviously featuring a triangular shape, the Cybertruck takes a grave departure from conventional vehicle design.

And while Elon Musk would argue that it is otherwise purely functional and can be even studrier than conventional pick-ups, there’s no erasing the fact that the Cybertruck appears to be taken straight out of your favorite game from Playstation 1.

Many critics – and Tesla fans – have taken to meme-ing the Cybertruck since, and more recently it looks like other companies are taking a jab at the American EV manufacturer as well. As you can see from the photo above, Lego have taken to posting their own design for their ideal truck.

Minimalist yet very effective – in true Danish fashion – Lego have taken their signature 2x4 block, put four wheels on it, and what appears to be bright lights on top. And as most parents with children scattering these things around the living room know, the 2x4 block is perhaps the sturdiest thing on earth when considering the pain of stepping on one of these.

We would argue that Lego’s jab at the Cybertruck fanfare is by far the cheekiest thing we’ve seen about the controversial truck. Yet somehow, it appears Tesla has been taking a fair amount of pre-orders for the truck despite all the criticism on the web. In fact, Musk claimed that they now have 250,000 preorders for the Cybertruck.

As much as Tesla's idea for a pick-up truck looks unconventional, it looks like there are serious buyers interested in the electric pick-up.