The ad is called ‘Striking Angles’ and it stars the Lexus NX and its ultra-fashionable creative partner,  It will debut in Europe tonight but will be in regular programming in the UK in October.

An exclusive remix of’s ‘Dreamin’ About the Future’ is used as the soundtrack of the ad that features the NX travelling through a futuristic cityscape enhanced by rich visuals of stylized roads and multi-faceted tunnels that gives clues of how the vehicle got its design. first appears on angled TV screens in an imaginary show window before stepping out in person from a facet-fronted club and quickly stops in his tracks to admire to passing Lexus NX.

"As a musician and an entrepreneur, I want my ideas and my presence to impact on the world around me. The team at Lexus applied the same vision to the ad – showing how the NX impacts the design of the world around it," said

"We wanted to bring our design philosophy for the Lexus NX to the forefront, transporting consumers to a world built entirely on revolutionary and striking design. It's an attitude that we apply to everything we do at Lexus, from the design of the car to the innovative technology within. perfectly complements the world that we created, fusing our joint passions for progressive design and technology," said Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe.

As part of this campaign, Lexus collaborated with one a one-off model that will be revealed at Paris Fashion Week.