Lexus has just completed the 500th and final LFA, ending the production run for the brand's first supercar.

At LFA works, the special facility Lexus opened at their plant in Motomachi, Aichi Prefecture, Lexus signed off on the last LFA, a Nurburgring Package model, this past December 14. The LFA had a production run of just 500 units and took exactly 2 years to complete. Production was rated at just 1 per day.

“I’ve lived and breathed supercars for the past decade. Specifically one supercar, LFA,” said LFA chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi. “Very few people have the opportunity we had to create a world-class supercar from a blank sheet of paper.”

Lexus dedicated the very best of their team members -170 total- to LFA production at Motomachi to produce a supercar made largely out of carbon fiber, mid engined with a 4.8 liter V10 and an 8-speed transmission that drove the rear wheels.

Locally, there is one official LFA with Lexus Manila and Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation. There are, however, 2 confirmed examples sourced outside of official channels.

As to whether there will be an LFA II from Lexus only time will tell, as is whether the LFA will join the legendary ranks of past, groundbreaking supercars such as the Porsche 959, Ferrari F40 or the McLaren F1.