We rather like the Lexus LX570. It's powerful, comfortable, equipped to the brim, and very luxurious. Should you be the proud owner of one, there really truly is a lot to like about it. But what if your kid would like to drive one too?

Provided he or she is still a toddler, you can give them their very own LX 570 as their first set of wheels. Say hello to the LX 570 Mini and it's no ordinary pedal car either. This toy is actually officially licensed by Lexus themselves. Lexus UAE even sells this very model on their official website highlighting its features and all.

The Lexus LX570 Mini will make your kid the coolest in the block image

So what does the modern toddler get in their LX 570 Mini? Like the full-sized model, it comes trimmed with leather seats with different tones depending on the exterior color chosen. It even has niceties such as a radio, and Bluetooth connectivity. The interior isn't exactly like the real LX 570, but the (non-functional) climate control vents, clock, and door sidings are replicated rather nicely. 

The Lexus LX570 Mini will make your kid the coolest in the block image

It seems like a comfortable ride too with shock absorbers standard. Should your kid feel a little more adventurous (with your permission, of course), the LX570 Mini even comes with four-wheel drive. It is them powered by an electric motor. For the peace of mind of the parents, the LX570 Mini has a remote control which can stop and steer it, should your tot venture where no electric pedal car has gone before.

How much you ask? It starts at 2,100 Dirhams in the UAE, or about Php 30,000. Last time we checked, it isn't offered in Lexus Manila although it would be nice if they brought it in here too. That way, you can start them young in the world of Lexus. Besides, the real LX 570 costs a hefty Php 8,548,000.