Lexus Manila is definitely in a roll in terms of vehicle sales for the past quarter of the year, from selling 32 units last May, Lexus Manila set a record by being able to roll out 35 units last June and capping it all off by ending the second quarter with its highest sales ever of 41 units sold for the past month.

This amazing feat made Lexus Manila enjoy their phenomenal growth rate of 46% over last year, even with a growth decline in the luxury market segment.

According to Lexus Manila, their powerful sales figures are mainly driven by the best-selling RX350 SUV and the recently launched ES350 sedan.

"Honesty and integrity in dealing with our customers drives our business" says Danny Isla, the president of Lexus Manila "Come to think of it, there is no old customer of Lexus. We have repeat purchases from the same people - a living testimony of their confidence and satisfaction of the brand" he added.