Lexus Manila is giving interested customers a unique way of browsing their cars from the comfort and safety of their homes.

The luxury marque recently launched the Lexus Remote Guest Experience. With it, customers that wish to know more about Lexus' lineup of vehicles can have the same experience as they would when at the Lexus Manila showroom.

The new remote gues experience makes use of a series of 360-degree walkthrough videos that provide in-depth details of a specific model. The walkthrough video even comes complete with a sales consultant that can guide customers through the many features of a particular model. From its exterior styling, standard amenities, as well as the engines, these sales consultants will let you know what you'll be getting before you actually get to buy the car. They will also demonstrate some of the available technologies present in each car.

And should you plan to buy a car after watching the walkthrough videos, Lexus also offers a hassle-free contactless purchasing process called Remote Link. Here, customers can leave their contact details and the exact Lexus model they wish to buy. They will then be contacted by a sales consultant who will address a customer's inquiries and prepare a quotation as well.

Lexus PH introduces online showroom experience image

Should a customer be ready to proceed in purchasing a brand new Lexus, they will have to send a copy of the necessary documents. The sales consultant will then send a customer a copy of the vehicle sales worksheet for them to review, alongside detailed payment instructions. Once everything is approved, customers will receive a confirmation and a receipt for their deposit – signifying that they're now an owner of a new Lexus. The automaker can then deliver the car to a customer's home address.

But what models are available for viewing? So far, Lexus is offering a detailed walkthrough of their best-selling NX, the slightly bigger RX, and the brand's most popular sedan, the ES.

Despite most of the country now reverting to General Community Quarantine, Lexus understands that some customers might prefer to browse their cars online. With the Lexus Remote Guest Experience, those looking to buy a brand new Lexus will be able to have a showroom-like experience via online means.

Hopefully, Lexus will offer more walkthrough videos of other cars like the IS, GX, and LX.