Own a Lexus from 2013-2019?

Millions of vehicles around the world have been affected by Denso’s fuel pump issues, becoming one of the biggest campaigns regarding faulty components in recent memory. The information regarding the issue has started to cascade to the Philippine market, with several automakers starting to notify customers about the fuel pump problem. 

Last month, Toyota Motor Philippines announced that it will address the faulty fuel pump issue and that it has affected many of their larger gasoline-powered models sold in the country. The affected models included the Alphard, Corolla Altis, FJ Cruiser, Fortuner, Innova, and Prado built between 2013 to 2019. Now Lexus Philippines is doing the same.

Toyota’s luxury division is reaching out to Lexus owners with models produced from 2013 to 2019. Lexus Philippines did not specifically say which models were affected, but what we know is that the issue is isolated to gasoline fuel pumps. Given that Lexus never sold any diesel models here, we can hypothesize that there are quite a few affected model lines.

Lexus has begun contacting owners of affected vehicles through official notification letters.

Owners with affected vehicles are invited to bring their vehicles to Lexus Manila or any other Lexus accredited dealers to have the problematic fuel pump replaced. Similar to the faulty fuel pump affecting millions of vehicles around the world, these units supplied by Denso may fail at any time. The specific problem is that the impeller within the pump may crack and deform, and eventually cause the engine to stall. When driving at high speed an engine stall is potentially dangerous.

Fortunately, we haven't learned of any local incidents that are fuel pump related. To date over five million Toyota vehicles have been affected globally.

Owners may visit or contact Lexus Manila for more information regarding the issue. The replacement is free of charge.